THE WELL is Brooklyn’s newest and most ingeniously curated bar, public house, and performance space, home to more than 200 beers, 10 champagnes; a wall of liquor and a quarter-acre of private outdoor space devoted to special events and live music.

With 60 beers on tap, and over 140 in bottles, THE WELL takes its place among NYC’s most prestigious bars. But its not just about the beer, with a selection of over 10 different champagnes and sparkling wines, frozen drinks, and cocktails, there is a favorite tipple for everyone. An astonishing vaulted ceiling frames 4,000 square feet punctuated by strikingly massive columns and a staff trained to guide both zymurgical experts and neophytes without judgment. Drinkers of high end craft beer or light beer alike are equally welcome; THE WELL firmly believes the only wrong beer is no beer.

THE WELL has the firepower to impact globally, but it’s a Brooklyn bar at heart. “We fell in love with the neighborhood the same time we fell in love with the space,” says Shay Vishawadia, the former VP of East Coast Operations of The Knitting Factory. THE WELL joins a vibrant community (including Danbro Studios , The Sweatshop, His House-Innsbruck Studio and Newtown Internet Radio) housed in the former Hittleman Brewery, a historic building erected in 1867 and a surviving gem on Brooklyn’s once famed Brewer’s Row. “There used to be 17 breweries in 9 blocks of land around here and they thrived for decades,” notes Joshua Richholt, formerly of Jazz Standard and The Knitting Factory. “It’s been 60 years since the brewery shut down. With The Well, we want to help bring that spirit back to this neighborhood. We know it’s going to take more than just us to make that happen. It’s going to take a community.”

THE WELL’s secret weapon to build that community is in the bar’s backyard recreation and performance area. The venue’s adjacent 11,000 square foot private outdoor space is designed to serve as a gathering space for the neighborhood, offering public activities, community events, sports and more year round.